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Scale-Up framework for Industrial Enzyme/Protein Developments ®

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Our Insilico CapabilitiesCapabilities

Length And Time Scales Of Different Simulation Methods And Experimental Techniques

Computational modeling and simulation of biomolecules unravel the mechanisms of molecular-level events and predict the dynamics of complex systems at a level of detail that cannot be directly measured in experiments. With in-house designed forcefields optimized by ab initio QM calculations the effect of point mutations and bio-catalysis reaction mechanisms are studied in detail at Kcat Enzymatic

Optimization Of Substrate Diffusion And Product Egress

Optimization Of Substrate Diffusion And Product Egress Profiling substrate diffusion and product egress pathways with kinetic information account for the dynamic nature of enzyme-substrate interaction. This can enable molecular reengineering of enzymes and process optimization of enzymatic catalysis. The kinetics of enzymes is dependent on the accessibility of substrate and egress of the product.

Building Biolmolecular System

Building a biomolecular system is the crucial step for establishing multiple components in the system which makes it more realistic in in-vitro conditions. A well-built biomolecular system plays a crucial role in facilitating biological interactions and behavior of enzymes with all components in the system.