In-Silico Guided CRISPR-Cas9 Driven Enzyme Engineering Technology
Easy And Fast Way For Engineering Enzymes

Salient features of Kcat Enzymatic CRISPR-Cas9 Enzyme EngineeringTechnology (Kit): The source gene (enzyme) of interest will be provided by Kcat Enzymatic. The kit contains

Proprietary CRISPR-Cas9 enzymes with the customized vectors, sgRNAs and PAM that can do both specific and random mutations based on which the hotspots and regions to be mutated will be given by Kcat Enzymatic
The customers can also suggest the source gene, hotspots and regions
An AI algorithm is included along with the kit to predict hotspots and regions for generating next set of focused libraries
Affordable and can be executed in a reasonably equipped laboratory; bypassing gene synthesis